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This article tries to project the experience of Montessouris, it respond to this question:
How to make pupils learn by themselves? In this simulation, find the notion of “delayed class”, ” interdépendant groups” “global narrative class”

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Will fablabs be an institution? Will it create jobs? Which ways can we use?

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This method concerns the children who must do their duty at home. It is about create an environnement where they can correct themselves.

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How was I thinking at the beginning of the year? More like a a top-down teaching, using moocs, classical teaching and maybe hiding some learning in serious games. But then the master EdTech happened, and my ideas changed. What I have to say? The master EdTech made me change my objectives concerning Sustainable Development Learning […]

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Climatic change is a fact admitted by the higher authorities, national and international, and which is mobilizing a lot of people in associations, NGO, foundations… The anthropogenic origin of this phenomenon is more and more explained and justified, but it appears that people have difficulties to admit, and to perceive the risk it’s representing. This […]

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Le mot évaluation en lui-même est chargé d’une certaine ambigüité : s’agit-il de d’une mesure, en fin de parcours, pour mettre en évidence le chemin parcouru, ce qui a été fait et appris par les élèves ? Ou bien s’agit-il d’une évaluation continue, de tous les instants ? En fait, l’évaluation d’une éducation au développement durable doit porter […]

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Il est de bon ton de nos jours d’être en faveur du développement durable. En effet, la position de refuser le constat du réchauffement planétaire et des émissions de gaz à effet de serre devient de moins en moins défendable. De même, il est admis que l’introduction du développement durable dans la société passe par […]

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What if with just a speaker and a mic, you could measure almost every properties of an object, like its shape, its humidity, its volume…? That is the goal of a new project born during the BiosensorsDays at CRI : HerboSpectroGram, or HBS. Ideas The idea came to us first  when we were searching for […]

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Oh, the first days of summer, the sun, the heat. What a pleasure to lie on the deck chair in a beautiful garden, full of this yellow grass! Wait!… did you just say yellow? If this year, like the previous and the one before, you forgot this annoying detail, this post is for you! If […]

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Bees are an intelligent creature. Beside the awesome honey they are most famous for, they are also great architect. Have you ever wonder of the how the composition of their hive? The shape of each cells that it composed of? An honeycomb is made of identical hexagons that the bees used both as their home […]

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