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Student in the ENSAT (top-ranking French national school of agronomy and engineering), leading to a master's degree of agronomy.

Specialization in AgroParisTech : Biology et biotechnologies for health and microbial or vegetal production.

Erasmus semester in the MAICh (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania). Pre specialization in chemistry of natural product and food quality management.

Currently working as a PhD student in the Institut Jacques Monod.

PhD student information
Dynein force exertion in bulk cytoplasm
Microtubules (MTs) and dynein organize essential cellular processes, ranging from vesicle and organelle transport to the generation of pulling forces required for nuclear and spindle positioning, karyogamy, and MT aster movements. The most commonly accepted mechanism for MT-dynein based force-generation is dynein pulling from sites at the cell cortex. However, there is in vivo mounting evidence that suggest that dynein may also pull from sites in the bulk cytoplasm. The biophysical mechanisms for how this is brought about remain unclear and understudied. In this project, we propose to combine in vitro reconstituted systems and in vivo work in early embryos, to decipher the quantitative basis of force generation by dynein in bulk cytoplasm. In particular we will test a predominant hypothesis, that dynein may pull in the viscous cytoplasm from the friction forces associated with the transport of vesicles to the minus-end of MTs. This work will bring key information on the basics of cell organization, cell division and cytoskeletal mechanics, which are fundamental cell biology questions. It promises to impact numerous fields beyond biophysics, including development and biomedical research.
microtubules, dynein, in vitro, in vivo, cytoplasm, microscopy, cell division
Institut Jacques Monod
Nicolas MINC and Guillaume ROMET-LEMONNE
Antiviral Activity of Flexibilane and Tigliane Diterpenoids from Stillingia lineata (DOI 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.5b00116)
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