With such an extensive use of new technology and especially with the growing presence of algorithms and machine learning in our lives, it seems that we are more and more living in a controlled virtual reality, very much like a video game. The article regarding Uber drivers is a very good example on how work dynamics have changed, and of the dramatic role technology plays in this cetral activity to daily life. What is more, the Fastcompany article on Instagram suggestions reveals how aspects of our private lives are being controlled with the use by algorithms. If we take into account the pre-emtive technique employed by algorithms in order to predict what we may want to see,  we can affirm that nowadays machines are programming people and shaping our brains. At the same time we have become so used to the modern comodities accessible to us because of new tech, that giving it up may seem unconceivable. In an increasingly digitalized world, where distances have shrunk and we are no longer in that much need to establish new personal contacts when moving, where we choose what to eat, wear and think based on computer-made suggestions, can we still be in charge and play the video game of our life ourselves?

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