The current space regulation seems enable to regulate the stakeholders’ behavior. Some people advocate for the creation of proper rules with sanctions to prevent space from becoming a lawless zone.

However, who would create these rules, and implement them ? No government, and especially the US, want their current missions hampered by new regulation.

What’s more, it would be unfair to let one country/ a small group of countries decide for the all space regulation. They would inevitably implement laws that correspond to their own interests.

Finally, who would implement the sanctions in case of infraction ? A country alone cannot be the police officer of space, once again because it would be driven by its own interests.

Therefore, a solution could be the creation of a code of conduct, that every stakeholder would follow not because they fear the sanctions, but because they know it serves their own interests if everyone respect it.

One may thus wonder : Could a non-coercitive “code of conduct” be efficient to improve the stakeholders’ behavior in Space ?

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