Recent experiments in the field of urban gardening show that it is possible to create and exploit urban garden without the need for prior technical skills in agronomy.  The AgroParisTech urban gardening experiment relies on this principle, using simple techniques and materials: wood containers instead of classical plots and green compost, crushed wood and coffee ground for soil.  With this kind of affordable techniques, rooftop gardens managed by building’s dwellers seem feasible solutions. Usually, those who want to develop rooftop gardens are faced with numerous legal obstacle in order to have access to the rooftops . Taking into account that rooftop gardening is accessible and affordable to dwellers, from a technical and legal point of view, could cooperatives of dwellers be envisaged as a feasible business model? 

Innovative Commercial Urban Agriculture in the Paris metropolitan area

Recycling urban waste as possible use for rooftop
vegetable garden

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