Uber has used so far algorithms in order to determine his drivers to work at a specific place and at a specific time. Therefore, psychological tricks have been used to influence when, where and how long drivers work. However, this goes against the very concept of Uber to minimize costs through declaring its drivers independent business owners.


For this reason, Uber is trying to get the best out of the two worlds: minimize its costs for customers by having contracts with drivers that serve this purpose and also meeting customer demand through the psychological tricks it uses on its drivers.


In this case, algorithms have a malicious use to make a business profitable while sacrificing its employees’ independence and work satisfaction. A Working Code that would empower the employees to decide to what extent they want their data used by their employers, while making sure that they have enough understanding of their choice.


How far behind is the regulator currently regarding new work practices in the digitalised world? Furthermore, is the regulator in a position to intervene in this type of issues and set some limits to the way in which executives treat their employees in order to cut costs?

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