Receding and thinning sea ice with climate change provides increased access to natural resources, shipping routes and touristic areas, thereby providing new opportunities for economic development in the Arctic. The rewards for operating in the Arctic are potentially extremely high and attractive, but at high nancial, environmental and social costs in an environment which remains nancially very risky. Some stakeholders have started securing access to Arctic resources, sowing the seeds for a ‘cold rush’.

Statement The Arctic: Opportunities, Concerns and Challenges, by Lisa A. Levin, Nadine Le Bris, Erik Cordes, Yassir Eddebbar, Rachel M. Jeffreys, Kirk N. Sato, Chih-Lin Wei and the climate change work group of DOSI Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative.


Considering the economic, and biosphere interest of the Arctic Ocean, would it be possible to reach a similar international agreement to the Austral Continent, by protecting natural ressources, restricting access only for scientific purpose, and avoiding the negative effect of a cold rush ?