Oceans stands as a major climate regulator and plays a key role in the ocean carbon cycle by allowing a part of carbon to que sequestered in the deep ocean, according to Laurent Bopp, Chris Bowler, Lionel Guidi, Eric Karsenti and Colomban de Vargas in their essay “The ocean : a carbon pump”. To protect the ocean, the Ocean Climate Platform suggests in its 6th recommandation a “transfer of technology towards the most vulnerable coastal and oceanic states and regions”. This principle of transfer of technology is very present in the UN General Assembly “Rio Declaration”, during the World Earth Summit of 3-14 June 1992 and particularly in its principle 9.

Yet, this principle of transferring technology remains at the scale of wishfull thinking and mere invocation with low effectivity, even more in the case of Artic circle, exposed directly to the consequences of climate change and deprived of a State organisation able of implementing environmental research or policy.

What are the ways to substitute an inefficient logic of State encouragement to transfer technology transfer to an actual technological treatment of “the most vulnerable coastal and oceanic states and regions” ?

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