Most of the resources selected by the authors underline how open data allows for more innovations, how it increases transparency, accountability and good governance, how it empowers individuals, and how it fosters improvements in both the private and public sectors etc.

But could we know too much ? What are the ethical and legal limits to open data ?

(and cf. “less is more” : what do we do with so much data ? Aren’t we swamped ?)


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The limits of open data depend on the legislation, and cultural ideology of a country. It’s not the same approach between Sweden (almost all is available), Germany, and France (where personnal data are restrained, or data should be first anonymised to prevent identification.) maybe you could focus your question on this question ? Mayebe are we already swamped by the possibilities ?

Good question dealing with : – the transparency at all stakes and the limits of the ethical questions. And there is also a link between regulation and the nature of data. In France, we are not allowed to collect “ethnic” datas, as it is currently done in the US. – knowing too much or knowing precisely : too many information available can be a blow to a quick understanding of the main data

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