There is clearly an interest for public powers to be interested in city farming, regarding the percentage of people living in cities in the future, who will need to be fed.

nevertheless, not all cities are monsters like Paris, where real estate prices are so high that this is at the heart of public concerns.

In this context, is there really an interest for public power to drive public investment in City farming towards cities like Paris or New York?

I think that to some extent every city has its comparative advantage, or its potential. City farming has a lot of potential in areas less polluted and less overcrowded.

It would not be optimum to try to make Reims (one hour from Paris) the new capital of fashion. I don’t think this is a collective optimal choice of public investment to try to develop urban farming on Paris rooftops in a polluted and overcrowded environment. Shouldn’t we try to develop this kind of activities in (often deserted) periurban areas suffering from unemployment and lack of public interest?

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