Basically :

  • Go to Moodle[1] and review the week’s resources
  • Group “Askers” : Come on the QA to prepare questions for the experts
    • Ask 3 questions, 4~8 lines, category:2017/week11[2]
    • IMPROVE teammates’ questions
    • Sources your questions, sharpen them up !
    • Vote !
  • Group “Lecture leaders” : Come 
    • Vote
    • Select the best questions of the category (hint: you can use vote[3])
    • Create PPT
    • On Monday, ask the expert.s these selected questions.


General notes : 

– You can ask previous students how they managed each role. Fluid knowledge sharing is part of this class’ learning.

– “Comments” fields are for shorter chit-chat and light opinions sharing.

– “Answers” fields actually are “remarks” to the question.

 Lecture’s leaders take over the question to reword and integrate them up into for the interview. Click on “…” then [Edit] to edit the question. The question’s text is your team’s final work.

– Questions must be solid and clean : a well written short question suitable for the interview + a longer, richer contextual abstract with sources.



– You can edit this guideline to build your own QA guideline and quality requirement.



– Moodle > DTPP : https://moodle.sciences-po.fr/course/view.php?id=2651

– Questions > Week11 : http://students.cri-paris.org/questions/category/week11/

– Questions > Week11 > Sorted by Vote : http://students.cri-paris.org/questions/category/week11/?order_by=voted

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