Q3 (out of 4): Francoise Gaill (in an interview) emphasized the fact that our social living space was extremely bounded, and that if future generations were to redefine a new society they’d need to account for oceans, which have been left so far as unexplored social spaces. And indeed, as water levels rise – and they will with certainty – some coastlines will be disturbed, some islands submerged and millions of people left behind as climate refugees. This is not Kevin Reynolds’ Waterworld with Kevin Costner but planet earth in the coming decades! What solutions – other than offering to limit damages by changing habits (too late?) – can we offer those people whom we know are going to be displaced? Could the solution lie in the creation of new societies emerging ex-nihilo like the floating island projects? Its seems that thus far these endeavors have been been the prerogative of millionaires (ex: The Seasteading Institute) – are you hopeful that we may be able to reverse that trend toward a more inclusive end?



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