The use of microalgae is large. This microorganism can enhance food with protein and vitamins replace chemicals products in cosmetics but also purify organic waste. From energy production, human and animal nutrition, treatment of anthropogenic waste, it arouses hopes.

This organism grows in every ecological niche but mostly in aquatics environment. In order to limit pollution via transportation, would it be possible for an urban area far from natural water (river, sea, ocean, lake…) to use this form of production without having a bad effect of local environment?

Mathematical Modeling of Microalgae-mineralization-human Structure within the Environment Regeneration System for the Biosphere Compatible City

Les microalgues, promesses et défis Sialve B. 1 , Steyer J-P. 1 de l’ INRA UR 050 – Laboratoire de Biotechnologie de l’Environnement, Av des étangs, F-11100 Narbonne

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