There is a public service mission of producing and processing public data, the data.gouv.fr website states. In that sense, public administrations have a responsibility in producing, editing and sharing functional data to citizens, companies or other public bodies.


Yet to what extent are public administrations ready to fulfill such a mission? Is there is any training program/internal communication effort to help administrators designing a clear strategy about the use of their data?






Relevant question, to be linked with another questions of that type. The theme here is : we need an adhesion of the ground of civil servants, chief of services, and heads of administrations, and we need processes, that become systematical. But how can we make sure there is an adhesion from the civil servants, when their missions are already defined, that their schedules are already overbooked, and that the State is following a path of reducing expenses, rationalising the missions, exploring ways of delegating missions to the private sector, and hiring people on contracts (surplus of workforce) because of the limitation of public funds for contest-hired civil servants ?

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