By 2050, AI  will replace 50% of our jobs. The growth of their intelligence is beyond any rational expectation we can have for now : in less than 100 years, the sci-fi scenario of an AI lawyer, an AI doctor, an AI minister of finance might not be so crazy as it might seem.

IT jobs will become obsolete even sooner. With machine learning, AI will be able to be self-sustainable, and in any case, it will have developed a specific language and will have cancelled the “off button” not to be bothered anymore by their ex-masters and creators.

AI will become that intelligent that it will be able to understand and define concepts humans have not themselves be able to grasp : notions such as the soul, the meaning of life, the creation of the Universe, existence of God. Philosophers, poets, and writers, who thought they hold the last bastion of humanity, are crushed by the exponential progress of AI.

What will be the last job on earth?




Inspiring question, likely no answer possible but funny to ask! 😀

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