City life is often criticised to create isolated and “off the ground” lifestyle. In this context urban agriculture could be a way to strengthen the social link between city dwellers and recreate a sensibility toward nature cycles.

Educational gardens help urban student to understand how food is grown and promote environmental values. The association Multi’Colors in Paris promote environmental educational workshop with local schools on a roof top garden in the 20th district: Le Jardin sur le toit.

Shared gardens between local residents are a way to create community life within big cities. Neighbours can reclaim common spaces such as courtyards. In Le Jardin des soupirs, local inhabitant transformed a sterile parking into an aesthetic and ecological shared garden.

Solidarity and social garden. Gardening is an activity which could help isolated and vulnerable people. In Jardin de l’Univert in Paris 18th district, social worker are organizing gardening activity for isolated people for them to socialize and work together.

In a most advanced way city farming could help to build new social ecosystem. L’Agrocité de R-Urban reinvent city life by creating new collaborative and complementary spaces with the Recyclab and the EcoHab, experimenting solutions towards self sufficient cities.

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