In the science fiction The Dark Forest, the author stated the Law of the Jungle from the perspective of the universe: “The universe is full of life. Life in the universe functions on two axioms: 1. Life’s goal is to survive, and 2. Resources are finite. Like hunters in a dark forest, life can never be certain of alien life’s true intentions. The extreme distance between stars creates an insurmountable ‘chain of suspicion’ where any two civilizations cannot communicate well enough to relieve mistrust, making conflict inevitable. Therefore, it is in every civilization’s best interest to preemptively strike any developing civilization before it can become a threat, but without revealing their own location.” This actually answers the Fermi Paradox: Where is everybody? (The Earth cannot be the only planet with lives considering the enormousness and the energy of the universe, so where are the others?) What do you think of this theory? And do you think human’s space exploration is risky to this regard? Are there any other potential risks that might be brought by space exploration?




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